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Y'all know that love isn't just words.

Love isn't always grand. Love, the kind that lasts a lifetime, comes with arguments, sacrifice, patience, STFUing when you still got a whole litany to sing.

Long-term love is an unpaid, sweaty, demanding, annoying, fart-suppressing, no-weekend, no-vacation WORK.

So here's a crazy idea: How about you get a head start, practice giving love by taking care of yourself first?

How can you love another if you don't know how to love yourself first?

How can you be sure you can take care of someone else every day, if you aren't committed to taking care of yourself every damnfucking day?

Taking care of yourself first is not an act of selfishness. It's how being a responsible grownup looks like on a non-heroic, day-to-day practice.⠀

And if you get really good at taking care of yourself, you might attract like-minded peers: People who understand the costs of love. People who seek equals, not clingy partners. Who would strive to earn and maintain your respect, honoring your time and sacrifices. Instead of paying you off with words, sulkiness or gifts. And who can share the burden of love with you.⠀

Take care of your mind, body and spirit. Have a nice week. Easy on the spirits. I wish you a glad Valentine's Day.

(PS. The love you earn may come in the form of a job, a parent, a niece, a friend, a community. It may come when you least expect it. But will always come in the form and time you most need it.)

❤ . 🌺
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