Scrying was an accidental discovery.

I was meditating on someone who was living across the world away and I felt his physical sensations. I felt him move, from laying on his back to his right side. The sensations were so specific that I had to break from meditation and text him.

After the initial Whoa!, he allowed me access to deeper layers of his emotions. His darkness and anguish. I felt that I could infect him with my own joy and surrender. Then I wondered if I could make him sweep the yard in the middle of the night, or if he might tell me his credit card numbers.

Scrying works like a search engine for the subconscious, it's that simple. Scrying is also disruptive to meditation, easier than asanas, and more entertaining than writing these long streams of consciousness.

The Betweens

It would help if you believe in the eternal soul, but if you don’t, just hang on to the idea of Google. 

Similar to how the Internet is the middle ground to all information available to man, there is a realm a little above/below/beside/off ours, that works like the middle ground for all things intangible. The Javanese call this place Khayangan. Carl Jung called it the Collective Unconscious. I call it the Betweens.

In the Betweens, unconscious, incalculable and ancient knowledge is stored and can be accessed. When we sleep and die, our souls wait in the Betweens. The Betweens is also where souls meet and exchange news with other beings.

Accessing the Betweens

When we enter the trance state of Sammadhi, or deep meditation, we physically emulate sleep without the loss of consciousness. Since our brain is really, really smart, after a while of practicing Sammadhi, neural paths get forged, creating a bridge between for the Collective Unconscious with the conscious.

While in the Betweens, the sharpest scryings can occur. Questions be presented, problems enlightened, conversations exchanged, and names get dropped.

It is worth noting that the point to meditation is not to scry or develop supernatural glitches. These abilities happen by accident and disrupt meditation. Okay?

Suggestions for Practice

  • Scrying can be a useful tool for reflection and self-discovery. Whoever knows herself, knows and takes careful heed of her God, His Grace and Justice upon all beings.
  • Scrying can lessen our dependence on note-taking and gadgets (and those gadgets’ chargers). We would just need to close our eyes to find a general direction to serve our purposes.
  • Scrying also lessens the complications of socializing, especially if one member of such society is inconveniently dead or yet-to-be born.
  • Between the living, scrying allows access to physical sensations. The scryer can take away some pain, and offer her own stock of wellness in its place. On the other hand, the same process is possible with negative sensations. This leads us to the importance of grounding.
  • We came from earth, we live on earth, we eat from earth, and in death we return here too. Illnesses and emotions too are part this planet. Grounding is the act of directing illness and imbalance back to earth. Grounding can also take from earth the restorative energy to recalibrate our inner balance.
  • Both scyring and grounding begin and end with meditation, but you need to eat properly to meditate properly. Yalla think about that.

Free for All, But

Once a person has conscious access to the Betweens, she also has access to the souls and secrets residing there. And just like Google, abundance of information means nothing without the patience and strength to apply it into daily practices. An idiot-savant has all tools to think and create, but not the ability to offer meaning.

We cannot comprehend beyond our capacity for coding and rehashing information. A scryer might have access to the secrets in the Betweens, but without wisdom and empathy, there is little meaning that can be taken from there.

Still, anyone who can access the Betweens, has access to our subconscious memory stored there (dreams, past lives, probable future). Someone who loves or hates you very much, would think about you a lot. Thought is another word for meditation. Long meditations naturally lead to creative discoveries, good or bad.

If it is any consolation, even if we are scrying for others with their permission, our intentions define our findings. Scryers can only find good in news and in others if they are good themselves.

Notes on Privacy

Privacy, whether on the Internet or in the Betweens, is a sacred privilege, and protecting it is a practice. Accessing the Betweens at a conscious state of mind automatically exposes the scryer. It's a karmic balance. Experienced scryers honor the sanctity of privacy for their own privacy's sake.

Finally, nobody leaves bed in the morning planning to return to it with a heavy conscience. That said, practice good faith but make use of the facts.

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