Every Time I Tried to Quit Writing

Most of these days, I don't like writing. 

I don't know what happened. Zaman, this used to be the cornerstone of my existence, and now this long dala3 is getting me too lazy to write anymore. Like who cares, no?

WE'VE GONE OVER THIS A MILLION TIMES!! You learn, you teach, you write. 

If you're not learning, you're stuck. If you're stuck, you are regressing. If you are regressing, you are accelerating your age and senility, OY!

The only way you can postpone and fight senility is by keeping your liquid memory fluid! It's the easiest way to regenerate and renew. You read and practice and learn something new every day. And that knowledge is worth passing because you are not the only one on this boat. So write about that!

And even if you're not teaching, even if you're just talking to your own people and community whom you know each and every one of them by name and nickname, your voice sustains gloomy skies from crashing and mistakes from happening even for a bit longer. 

Say that you're learning, but you're not teaching/writing, then your knowledge goes to waste in that thick head of yours! A frigging waste! The knowledge you got came from a long lineage of teachers who have fought and died and suffered to pass on their knowledge. You owe it to them to write.

(I have the meanest voices in my head.)


Tayeb, tayeb, khalas. I'll write now. Dageega. 

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