Wrapping Up, Passing On


Prologue: Arabic Literature

I romanticize the idea that it is possible to teach the love of reading and learning. Or at least raise enough guilt to motivate the want to make better use of current technologies. Even if we’ve lost so many battles, the next one could be the one that counts. Always.

Chapter One: Why Audiobooks

  • Because this is one of the oldest ways of learning. People used to sit around the fire after dinner passing each other stories.
  • Oral tradition is more prevalent in places where literacy have been suppressed for late printing or censorship.
  • Audiobooks are easy to go through. Listening takes less effort for the brain to process than reading.

TIP: Do something more boring than listening to stay awake through the reading. Do something monotonous or repetitive, like commuting, laundry, etc. Since the brain craves efficiency, you might manage to fill that efficiently sleeping part of your brain with stories.

Chapter Two: Why Sex

  • Why else? Sex sells. It's fun. It’s a basic need. There will always be someone in the world interested in it. That is easy marketing for the audiobook format.
  • Good sex education can go a long way in fixing a lot of things. Anybody who can have some should at least have them well-done.
  • If they don't, here's one way of fixing that problem without risking embarrassment.

Chapter Three: Where Are the Arabic Sex Books in the Public Domain?

(Funny that I'm asking that question in English.)

If you know where the Arabic sex books are hiding in the public domain, please tell me. I have the time and interest to read and record them. Then fix the Arab world's problems one punta coition at a time.

Epilogue: Remember the Proof Listening Janitor?

Between information superfluity on the internet and the undercurrent bullshit of the social seas, the one thing that centers my scattered mini-universe is when I shut up and work.

When I have worked so hard that I can’t talk anymore, it is when I know that I have been happy.

I would have been happy if I felt like I’ve done this beat laptop, and every person who has given his time in researching, designing, manufacturing, selling, connecting it to the internet, to Librivox and the millions of hands that delivered Nafzawi’s writings to me, some justice.

Because all of their big kindnesses can only be repaid by passing it on in one project, one tweet, one kiss at a time.

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