The Perfumed Garden


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The Perfumed Garden, by Sheikh Nafzawi. Translated by Richard Burton. Read by Alia Makki who is very excited about her inaugural solo audiobook recording. YAY!

[Notes: Project ran between August 4th until October 30th, 2012. That includes one Ramadhan, two Eids, one trip to Bali, thirty-four blog posts, at least five rolls of funny organic cigarettes, countless kretek cigarettes and cups of coffee, three kilograms of sugar dispersed evenly on the hips, complicated yoga asanas and unmentionable times of masturbation suppressed giggles.]

Please make time to tell me what you thought about my reading. Did I bore you? Did I enunciate clearly enough? I would like to do more solo recordings and I’m only going to be a newbie for a limited time only, so this is your chance to criticize my performance before I turn too snobby for feedback.

I’m just kidding. Feedback is the stuff that keeps my spirit of volunteerism live and running, man. Any feedback would be awesome.

I wish you an enjoyable read. And thank you for listening.

PS. Chapter Six is the one with the funky position names.

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