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You're always you, and that don't change, and you're always changing, and there's nothing you can do about it. ― Neil Gaiman
Writing has been bugging me.
On one hand, I feel like I have these ideas and I want to talk about them not in the form of stories. Maybe I've been too busy playing poker online that I'm not allowing these ideas the time it needs to ferment into stories.
On the other hand, I feel like I’ve been blogging a little too much for my own creative good. Blogging has been the only form of writing I know, man. What if there are stories waiting to be told in the unbloggable form? What if blogging has been confining my writing in a sure comfort zone?
What if all I needed to do is write a few more words; let the canvas expand and watch it ferment longer? What if all I need to  is die a little more for the sake of the goddamn muses?
Where do these questions come from? Is this what they call artistic growth?
If only there is a distinct Career Development Plan for writers. Imagine having set milestones for writing: “After XKK words, you will move on to this form or that. Follow obediently; success & satisfaction guaranteed.”  (There is such a thing as mid-career writer, though. What is that anyway? Does it come between obscure tweeter and Stephen King?)
Say that there is such a thing as a career development for us creatives, maybe this is how the process goes:
  • Write short, bloggable stories.
  • Build a portfolio: Win competitions and get published on other people’s places (such as "&"?)
  • Whore around, get rejected and ignored a lot. (Yes, this has to be part of the plan.)
  • Then, if one is really that obtuse to persevere this far, one might finally figure out know how to weave 10’000 words in a cohesive piece of prose without dodging rotten tomatoes.
  • Eventually learn how to weave 10’001 words the next day.
  • And 10’002 words the next-next day, etc.
It looks like a plan. It looks like a mouthful of a long plan. And I only got until Tuesday. But it makes sense. Looks doable. I could innocently experiment with form and still have something to appease my obsession with Achievements.
Besides, what else is there left to do when you have an itch of a writing bug haunting you around?
On another note, I found it fun, really fun to have someone talking with me about writing while writing. Even if we're just trying out words and doubts on each other. For this reminder and the warm sense of community, I thank you, Saad.

(PS. Something like a bad habit is telling me that I’m ditching the plan and reverting straight back to telling bloggable stories as soon as I hit the publish button on this post. Dammit.)

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