I release an involuntary snort every time I hear someone placing bets on the absolute goodness of charity organizations. (Like, come on, man, think about it a little. There is always a catch.)

...and on the idea of bringing more children to the world. (Because there are seven billion of us here. And because every DAY 5,760 more children become orphans. And they look like this and this.)

...and hipsters complaining about boredom. (I hope something bad happens to you so that you remember how boredom is actually too much of a good thing.)

...and the distortion between need and want. (You have between two, five or six needs to maintain your well-being. It does not include 192 bottles of nail polish.)

...and fanaticism. (Shouldn't we be over that by now? Nothing lasts. Especially feelings.) writings. (Yea. I snort at my writings. A lot. Especially when I'm so stuck that I revert to mere bullet points. I’ll probably delete this post someday. Can’t snort all the time, can I?)

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