A Warming and Cooling Globe


There is this ridiculous show on NGC, Doomsday Preppers. In one of the episodes, a family moved hundreds of kilometers away from their home to get away from the beach in case the planet veers off its axial position.

Who plants these ideas in these people’s heads?

I remember something about the major earthquakes and volcanic eruptions causing Earth to tilt a little off its usual axis. Also, if I remember correctly, the planet has been tilting on and off it's axis a few times. It swings at a 2° range within the last 5 million years, I think?

That reminded me of the global warming and freezing thing.

In the case of global warming, every one is right as far as the beginning. Global warming begins with the sun. It has, though, very little to do with what we eat.

How I see it, in bullet points, global warming is like this:

  • Sometimes Earth leans a little too close to the sun, or a solar eruption happens. Both might effect Earth’s internal temperature.
  • When Earth’s temperature raise, the pressure of the planet's magmic core also raises.
  • When the planet's core grows too hot, volcanic eruptions ease the planet's heat.
  • A string of massive geological action occurring within a short period of time is basically the planet’s way of managing its temperature. The Earth acting like a pressure pot.
  • When the magmic core of the planet releases its pressure, the planet cools from within.

From outside, the volcanic ashes that spreads in the atmosphere cover the Earth from the sun's heat and radiation. The ashes make like an umbrella. It might or might not increase global warming. If it does raise the global temperature, then the string of geological action continues within a few years of each other. If it doesn't and the planet has released enough of its internal heat and pressure, Earth will then enter a period of global cooling.

Historical Worldwide Climate and Weather

That is just one half of the story. I don’t know why the volcanoes erupt when it is freezing. It is probably more complicated than how I described it. You might have more fun reading Historical Worldwide Climate and Weather than my ramblings.

The underline is that all these are normal occurrences by planetary standards. The tilting planet, the moving on and off axis, the comets whizzing and solar eruptions. They have been happening a lot. As often as global cooling and warming.

We just have really short memories compared to the planets and sun and galaxies. And I'm fine with that. There's very little that we can do about it. There is very little we can do to make better or worse global temperature on the galactic scale. Very little we can do, for instance, to keep the moon from veering off its orbit.

And if you're going to watch a show called Doomsday Preppers and start feeling rather anxious, remember that the dying part isn't the worst part of it yet.

"The coming death no longer seemed an evil, for it gave them an hour of slumber before it came. Hunger and thirst and cold—these were evils, but not death."
~ Honore Balzac

For, as far as the planet's geological and galactic positioning managerial staff are concerned, our lives and deaths and arguments and causes were never part of their grand design. Therefore, we might as well concern ourselves with things that we can directly and personally influence, instead.

Like vasectomy?

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