Whom they loved


They broke up to protect her craft. Whatever you hear elsewhere, that was their untold truth.

Marriage disregards whatever was important and overrides lives. An absolute tyrant, it came with overbearing relatives and in-laws. It demanded meticulous attention and immediate results. Haplessly, the craft also gave no fuck. When the rituals began to slip, it began destroying itself. It began destroying her.

Since marriage did not care about the craft and the craft shared the same sentiment about marriage, one had to take the boot.

And they lingered on it. It was not an easy choice to make. But then it was no longer a choice. He saw her crumbling in hysterics without her work, her identity. He loved her, please understand that. Everyone saw and believed how much he loved her. He still does. He would not have released her if he didn't. She was his everything. You feel it in his silence.

There is that kind of love on earth, after all. Whatever they tell you elsewhere, please remember that. Remember how much he loved her.

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