Go Home


Happiness is the longing for repetition. ~ Kundera

"Go home" has its own word in Indonesian, Pulang. One verb. What does that say about the Indonesian language? What is it that makes pulang so important that they gave its own verb? I mean, I understand why eat, sleep and laugh are important verbs, but why pulang? Where are they returning to? A place, a woman, an 11:36:02? Or was it just a freak linguivolutionary glitch: that this whole life is a return-trip?

Throw me a sentence that has the word return in it, and find me soaked in nostalgia. How quickly I jumped at the theme, fingers and knuckles warm with words. And how dangerous; for it must be important that humans are allowed to press the Universal Reverse button.

Do you want to do this again? Re-Turn. Turn back. No, wait. Aren't we going around in circles? Doesn't matter. We're recyclable. Our ideas, flesh and heartbreaks are recyclable. The world is round so wherever we're going we're going to end up back in square one, you know?

Return to root: New month, dying season. I blog, you read. We happy. I birthday, you sing. We happy. We remember, we forget, we happy. Amen.

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