5,000,000 Books


For once, it's nice to know that so many written words has not killed the two very hot scientists giving the lecture. The lecture, by the way, would appeal to SciFiFans and literature fiends alike. No, I'M NOT LOOKING AT YOU, NESSIE.

Now, I haven't seen enough TED presentations to judge whether it is just the intellectual porn that made it watchable, or if TED is usually that good. And I insist upon taking a moment to understand this. Let's see:

  1. This is a lecture about books.
  2. I'm a blogger who'd go for voluntary servitude in return for smelling authors.
  3. I'd read books aloud just to taste the drawl of letters in my tongue
  4. I have called myself a wordwhore
  5. ….(sad crickets chirping in denial)…

Yeah. Enjoy the show.

PS. More about Ubud and this year's UWRF coming soon. Unless I stumble upon similarly awesome TED stuff and postpone life again for a while.

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