The Music


(For the stuff we repeat daily deserve their own share of audioration.)"A dancer's body is her temple" - Paulette Rees-DenisReps

I found that the best way to stick to reps without losing momentum or falling into a daydream between asana sequences is by playing the same song in repeats.

For example, music for

  • ...Suryanamaskar (warm-up), Prodigy's Firestarter, Tiesto's Traffic.
  • ...Standing sequences, Halo, Firework, or Pokerface. (Go ahead, guess the my dirty-pleasure artists.)
  • ...Sitting sequences, Nina's To be Free or songs from the City of Angels Soundtrack
  • ...Closing sequences (cool down), Mashrou3 Leila's Shem Al-Yasmine


Say that Suryanamaskar sequences take 20 minutes, and Firestarter lasts for 4:41 minutes, then the song will repeat approximately 5 times. Yes, I can listen to Firestarter for five consecutive times. Don't judge. I acquired the taste at a sweet period in high-school.

Besides, I can have a different warm-up song tomorrow. The asanas remain the point of focus. Music is only to keep me flowing, keep me dancing between controlled reminiscences.

A Song A Sequence

I get lost between asanas and sequences if the songs changed too often. Maybe because every song carries a different energy, a different memory, a different person who introduced to and shared that music with me.

Hence, if I listened to Fatboy Slim, Eminem, Metallica and Linkin Park during Suryanamaskar, I would end up feeling like I had been gangbanged by too many memories instead of practicing yoga.

Like reciting al-Fatiha for at least 17 times in a day. Or repeating "Hail Mary". Or "I love you, have a nice day." The sounds that we dance to defines our life's rhythmic flow.

Share with me. What's your workout soundtrack? Do you change between the songs a lot? Why?

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