Confessions of a Wordwhore



Technically speaking, blogging method is the same whether it is a NaBloPoMo, or 365-post, or once in a blue Saturn moon. Blogging is blogging, except that if you've been doing ANYTHING every day for a while, it is bound to get easier.

Last year's NaBloPoMo happened on Valentine's month, and I was in a relationship with an amazing guy, and I hadn't been on a vegetarian meditation trip. Not even once.

This year, I haven't published regularly in more than a year. The only romantic relationship I have is with my nail-polish collection. And I haven't seen a roll of joint in forever that I have completely lost the ability to laugh at trees. Oh they used to be so funny.

Like I said, NaBloPoMo this year was TECHNICALLY easier by no contest.


Creatively speaking, I'm stuck. What I did this past month is the same thing that I have been doing for the last five years. When the Angels come to my deathbed, I'm going to spend my last smoker's breath guffawing: Of course I can write, edit and publish a 300-500 word blogpost in less than 2 hours while fasting and half asleep. Tell that to the Auditing Angels, so can you now leave me sunbathing by the River of Booze in peace, please?

Creatively speaking, this isn't what I had in mind at the beginning of August. I don't feel like there has been much of improvement in my writing. I'm disappointed that most of the stuff posted this month were exactly what I did NOT want to end up with: narcissistic reporting.

And if these are the ideas that had been sitting in my hiatusing writer's head for the past year, does it mean that I haven't improved much as a person?



I'm convinced that if I want to be a fiction writer, and not just a blogger, I won't be able to pull it off by blogging. It just doesn't come together: the audience, the deadline, the media, the internet and great-writing.

On the other hand, I just signed up for September's NaBloPoMo. As much as I dislike my own craftsmanship, I still can't stop writing. No, rephrase that. I still love writing. And if blogging is the only currently available way that I can offer my services as wordwhore, then so be it.


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