A Roomful of Absents


“Those who flee temptation generally leave a forwarding address.” ~ Lane Olinghouse

There's a hadith that says when a boy and a girl are together in private, then the devil is their third.

Of course, this only works if two people repeatedly get in private on a weekly basis. Because if two people repeatedly, deliberately get in private a lot, they are prone to tempt temptation and focus on scratching an itch

But when the meetings are scarce, and the ghosts are clearly defined, it would (at least) take three dates until the devil can really say shit.

In fact, when a romantic couple get together, they don't just bring one devil. A romantic date usually consists of a boy, a girl and fourteen other ghosts from each side. These haunting and screaming parental, traditional, dogmatic ghosts easily stifle every flickering temptation a devil might squeak.

Along with the histories and stories and emotional baggage,it gets pretty hard to listen to each other at all. Much less get a hard on.

So for as long that it takes for this roomful of ghosts to clear, and just before the devil might have a say about what kind of mischief we ought to have in private, I'd like us to have this cup of tea together, knowing (almost sadly) that this privacy is not going to disappoint the Powers-that-Be and the people whom we love as honestly as we do each other.

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