enigma revealed


You know what it’s like. You blogwalk and crash into a paragraph – a mere sentence even – that makes your head start screaming ‘I KNOW EXACTLY WHAT YOU’RE TALKING ABOUT!”

That’s how A L I’s blog struck. I think I got him from SaudiWoman. Can’t remember. I do remember, though, the questions that followed. “WTF? Who are you? Why do you sound so familiar? Why are you like this? And are you married? Oh.”

Reaction like that usually guarantee a satisfactory subscription. You just know that you’ll enjoy the rides he’ll take you on. It’s his treat.

Here, have a look at what’s making me go gaga:


He sounds like a mash-up of Seth Godin brevity and practicality, with a Muslim-Zen’s sentimental spirituality. Yeah, yeah, that’s how I want to sound like: bite-sized big ideas.

Only he does it better. Naturally. Nicely. He does it in lesser words. And lesser pictures. And lesser tricks. Without missing a beat on impact.

I want to beat this kind of awesome. Amen.

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