What Remains


The strength of faith can be measured when a body is burned, buried and definitely dead.

After the burning at the stake, they gathered Joan of Arc’s remains for burial, and found that her heart – scorched as it was – in tact.

After his public self-immolation, they cremated the Buddhist monk Thích Quảng Đức’s remains, and found his heart fire-proof. That heart is still in display.

It is said that Muslim who pass away with al-Qur’an memorized by heart (oh that organ again), their remains will be protected from decay.

Remember what I said about our bodies bearing witness to our lives? That our looks betray our thoughts and feelings?

Maybe that’s why the Lord is the Only One with the right to judge our hearts. That you can only guess what hides in a heart postmortem.

When what remains no longer doubts.

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