Press Release


مافي خط تـلفون أرضي

Remember a time when a paid-yet-silent phone line meant the untimely death of cyberlife?

Yeah, we still have that here. This is a village after all. We don’t have malls equipped with free-floating WiFi. We don’t have coffee or internet shops that are free of strategically located suspicious spots in its booths.

Forget the internet; rural electricity can’t even stand heavy rain. *drylaugh*

We speculated on reasons that might’ve caused this communication outage:

  1. Recent earthquake in Sumatra (phone's been dead since).
  2. Someone stole the phone cables for the copper. (It’s happened before! This IS a village!)

Since neither of those problems can be solved with a massage or a village Elder’s frown, we’ll have wait until things sort itself out.

Until then, I’ll be posting in brainburst mode: Wordy posts. No pictures. No hidden quotes. No Multimedia!

Because slow, mobile innernerding can barely hold a connection, much less bear the weight of my frustration research and decorated posts, see?

Don’t wince like that.

I’m the one who’s got to choose between traditional posts or contagious public internet booths.

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