Welcoming Failure


Sorrow and silence are strong, and patient endurance is godlike.” ~ Henry W. Longfellow

You know what Michael Jordan, Mozart and Einstein have in common?

The drive to fail.

There’s an article on NPR that talks about tapping the inner genius in all of us. The article conveys that, more than genetic gifts, success and expertise are practiced. The thing that the “gifted and talented” are blessed with is the mulish steadfastness to endure hours and years of discomforting and deliberate practice.

This is what [Anders Ericsson] calls deliberate practice. He's put a name on the type of practice that…[is] not as comfortable as just kind of going out of there on the golf course and kind of doing what you can already do. You are kind of pushing yourself to some discomfort.

Every beautiful creation out there is the result of someone’s drive to fail, their discomfort. That’s what genetics cannot cheat at. That’s why you can’t steal authenticity. When it comes to actual results of giftedness, it’s the hours SPENT IN FAILURE that makes the difference.

It’s the drive to go to the gym to lift dead weights, to sit on a chair to write garble, to commute to the office and back unnoticed that is the best of luck: Having the patience and strength to endure unpleasantness…

…so quit complaining and go get 'em already.

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