(Unexpected) Benefits from Posting Every Day


Ever wondered what it feels like to post every day on a blog?

"Be ashamed to die until you have won some victory for humanity." ~ Horace Mann

After a month of plowing for ideas, posting every day felt like a lot of things (including - but not limited to - “joyful shit”). But if there’s only one thing I’m allowed to explore, I’d say it sharpened awareness on both sides of my face: A) awareness to my surrounding environment. B) awareness to the chugging trains INSIDE my head.

Environmental Awareness

The urgent drive to post something of some value every day about made me on the constant lookout for ideas. Even if I can’t drive a hybrid car. And the mind frame lead to:

  • better time and self management
  • some eavesdropping & snooping behaviors
  • frequent camera usage (oh the wonders of a telephoto lens!!)
  • openness to try new things, like dressing up and showing up in public and double dating
  • smarter friends ==> smarter conversations ==> brighter ideas ==> awesome brainstorms
  • more constructive answers to “The Most Important Question of the Day”
  • improved listening (a.k.a. not just hearing) skills
  • more enjoyable bike rides,
  • easier smiles, noticed more kindnesses in others

Thinking Awareness

I’m more surprised about the things that happened inside my head. So please pay attention because this is (more) important.

  • Conscious thought halts

    A darling of the tougher days. Days when all I wanted to say was “Why that baying, barking, bellowing son of a bleeeeeep…STOP!! I haven’t written today’s post. I can’t say that in my blog.”

  • Selective thinking

    (a.k.a. If I wouldn’t say it in my blog, I shouldn’t think it.)

    If an idea doesn’t work as a blog post, if it’s too emotional and self-centered, if I think that the majority of readers WOULD NOT APPROVE of that post, then maybe they’re useless. Or worse. So why indulge it? 

  • [PS: In a way, my blog rewrote my thoughts. My blog rewrote me. And I only have my heart for an “edit” button.]

  • Daily Love

    Whatever you call “it” (revelations, creativity, muses, geniuses, elves), it’s a long-term relationship. The way “it” came to me, reflected on how I’ve been treating that relationship, fair and square.

  • Daily Affirmations

    Try saying, working on and thinking the same thing every day, for 28 days, and see if something doesn’t give. And I’m not just referring to internet life. Something changed in the way I speak. In the way I handle crowds. In the way I see empty spaces. It changed ever so slightly, but I felt its weight on the side of my bed. Don’t have a name for it yet, but that something felt…right.

  • That said, blogging every day was also FUN, DAMMNIT!

    I loved the rush. I loved having someone to write to every day. Yes, I’m talking about you, Reader. It’s actually the best thing about writing every day; having your companionship. I only hope it was enjoyable for you too. Was it? When?

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