Dear Reader,


Colson asked a question that I’ve been wondering about all week. After writing every day for a month, where are we going next? Do I keep doing it, or do I just relapse and go back to “post when I can and feel like it”?

Before answering that, let me tell you that I’m wiiiiiiide open to suggestions. You can establish contact, say hi, or freely insult me on every popularly possible mean available here.

If there’s something you want me to talk about, or QUIT talking about, just say so. If there’s a topic you want to expand on, or a question you want me to address, well, say so.

Even if writing on those topics might make me as blue as an Avatarah. [Besides, blue is a fine color. You can’t fake the blues, man.]

That said, I’m going to blog a post everyday. Or try to. Inshallah.

And, correct me if I’m wrong, I have a feeling that my readers like articles on practical, unconditional and unromantic love. Also, stories about humanized prophets, and the prophets within all of us. So we’ll restart this daily blogging thing from there.


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