"Diversity: the art of thinking independently together." ~ Malcolm S. Forbes

Nobody is better than anybody else. Simply because nobody is complete.

Anybody who is successful at anything, had made equivalent payments to achieve that success, by sacrificing some parts of themselves. Those sacrificial parts, somebody else picked up, and got better at doing than the former.

Even the folks who’ve had it rough are no better or worse than any of us. You know, the scandalous, the criminals and the Jewish-like. They’re there as example, and have plenty to offer. If we knew them well enough, personally enough…wait, if they are our brothers and sisters, we could only feel compassion.

If not curiosity.

For instance, I’m good at this unconventional lifestyle, but my conventional brother is better at making money. That money making brother is as uncultured as a water buffalo, and he can’t make movies. And the movie-making brother who’s been more famous and acknowledged than either of us, envies me for my unconventional lifestyle.

[It’s funny that, as siblings, we are the best storytellers to each other.]

Because diversity is a curious thing. It’s the brilliance in the stories we exchange. The other side of the moon. It’s the stories that refresh our views on our own qualities and reasons for contentment.

In diversity, we find the stories that would’ve completed ours.

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