Chosen Sufferings


"We choose our joys and sorrows long before we experience them." ~ Kahlil Gibran

We, the privileged, choose our sufferings.

Most of us (online) are privileged enough to choose what/how/where to spend our time and energy. If you can have the luxury to perform in social media, then you probably have your basic needs fulfilled.

We are blessed to choose which school to go to, which man/woman to marry, which company to work at and what hobby and pet project to distract ourselves with.

In other words, we choose our sufferings.

When we make our choices, whether in a career, or building a house, or buying camera lenses, we keep in mind that out of our chosen sufferings, we are going to create something beautiful. Something meaningful. Something worthwhile, if not to the world, then at least to ourselves.

Because that’s what actualization and ibadah is, right? Transcendence.

But We Forget

The problem is, after a while of working on our sufferings, we tend to lose focus. We tend to forget why we got into those projects in the first place. And the object of our fancy rules us instead.

We become too engrossed with materials that we forget to share. We get too deep into brand schools that we forget the purpose of education. We might get too bogged with rules, that we forget the first reason they were created is to help us control our lives.

And in turn, we become bitter about our chosen sufferings. And in turn, we forget that we can – at any time – take a break and reassess our positions. Sometimes we even forget why we got into these things in the first place.

So Don’t Forget

It’s okay to be passionate about our chosen sufferings. It’s why we chose them in the first place, right? Just don’t forget to take a step back and remember the big picture from time to time.

The big picture is this: That we all want to create something beautiful from our chosen sufferings. Let’s not be bitter/angry/greedy at it. Let’s do it out of love and kindness and humility.

Let’s not forget that.

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