When Muhammad passed by Moses on the third level, the latter asked how many tweets Muhammad's followers were expected to send every day.

"Fifty," said the newly appointed prophet.

"Dude!" said Moses, "That's too much! Who in the world wants to tweet fifty times a day? Go back and ask the boss to lessen that."

So Muhammad went back to the Throne, and lobbied for lesser tweets.

And every time he passed by the third sky, Moses inquired, urged and told Muhammad to lobby for lesser tweets.

Trusting Moses' experience as a former prophet to a very stubborn and intelligent set of followers, Muhammad complied and went back to the Throne, lobbying for less.

And less.

And less.

Until finally there were only five tweets required upon the followers of Muhammad. And Moses still urged him to go back and lobby for even less, "You know our colleague Jesus? Yeah, his followers are required to do less than five, and some of them still deviate. So go ask for more discounts."

At that, Muhammad smiled shyly. "I think five is a good number. My followers need to be reminded of His Love, at least that many times. And just in case they deviate from or miss one, they have four other chances to make up for that missed tweet."

And that settled it.

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