Shushed Worship

What if people stopped talking for a while?
”The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn't said.” ~ Peter F. Drucker
Vows of Silence, found in monastic Buddhism and Catholicism, are based on the idea that if we truly understand and accept the Awe of God’s Word, nobody has the right or need to raise their voices anymore.
In the case of Zachary and Mary, silence marked the beginning of parenthood.
Maybe because conception occurs when parents are in universal and nonverbal awe. Maybe because talking about how it happened would’ve been icky. Or lessen the magic.
Either ways, since the social mentality from the days of the prophets to ours is basically the same, TRYING to explain their children might’ve worsened Mary’s and Zachary’s situations. Because children conceived through irregular means would definitely stir a lot of talk.
More nasty talk than nice, actually. Which, by responding to those, would have brought the holy parents down to that nasty level of meanness. Along with their to-be-prophets children.
So the holy children had to suffice as explanation. Every child, whatever his origin was, had to explain himself to the judgmental society. By himself.
(As every newborn babe should.) (As every understated miracle should.)
False Notes
Between Silence and Noise, there is a long, hard path of deliberate meditation. Passive responses don’t always indicate numbness or inattentiveness, just active thoughtfulness.
Because providing the world with the time and peace it needs to ferment and assimilate and be properly understood is all that it takes for us to see understated miracles.
With occasional lapses of silence.
(PS: If we protect our right to speech, I wonder how we protect our right to silence?)
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