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Part I: When Negativity was Curbed

On Monday evening. Where were you that day?

Part II: When Positivity was Passed On

 On Tuesday morning. I was at my favorite coffee place, hogging the WiFi ❤‿❤

Part III: When Positivity Expanded

@Hning's head bloated

…and this…

That jerk flooded the timeline. (¬‿¬) [click to expand the image if you understand Indonesian]

The underline to that whole series of self-talk tweets is the highlighted part, which loosely translates into: “Isn’t it better to be grateful for our given paths than to judge the paths that others walk upon?”

Which, by the way, reflects Yudi’s own understanding to the essence of Islam, wisdom and tolerance.


Isn’t it cool how Ben’s positive idea changed the thinking habits of a two miserable others? We may take refuge in the thought that we can’t fix the way others think and perceive. But we can, as much as we’re willing, fix our messages.

Who knows; someone’s day might be made based on that.

Ours, to begin with.

(PS: Did you hover on the images?)

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