Given Dreams


"Dreams that do come true can be as unsettling as those that don't." ~ Brett Butler

Nadia left a powerful note below the Flyer.

What's a dream anyway? Is it a true calling that everybody had been designed for before they were born.. or is it a mere representation of their own ego?

Are you a hero or a coward when you're not following it?

I took her thoughts personally. For one, my dreams and lifestyle and even this blog have been against the mainstream which I’ve been raised to adopt.

Mainstream as in, you know, being a woman and Asian and middle-class. There is a set of expectations from the society that you’re supposed to comply with. From your partner and parents and in-laws (if you had any). From your country and accountant and immigration pimp. Things that, by complying with them, helps Tuesday afternoons flow smoothly.

Then how do, and where do, the high-reaching dreams and slow lifestyles meet?

In small chunks, I presented these questions to the Timekeeper; someone who is totally off the chase to be earthly awesome, yet is deeply devoted to the faith he believes in.

He said, “The only thing that dreamers on the slow lane really have is the acceptance to what’s given to them. They might go back and forth between bread and bed. They might be sick and hungry and explosively horny. Still, those who are able to keep on the slow side are the ones who accept things, within and around them, as they are.

While learning to work around it. Not push it around. Not defying gravity, but by climbing mountains. A step at a time.

The moment you have that acceptance, is the time when your dreams reach down to you.

Make sense?

UPDATE: On a personal level, there was this conversation with the Timekeeper that followed.
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