Big Love


"I have yet to hear a man ask for advice on how to combine marriage and a career." ~ Gloria Steinem

“…a happy ending polygamy story …”

The Timekeeper and I were at breakfast. I was multitasking between spreading the toast and mumbling unconsciously planning my day, when the Timekeeper interrupted my traffic of self-rambles, “How can polygamy make a happy ending?”

“What? Oh. It’s simple: Kunto got lonesome.”

See, Ava grew up and works and lives in Bandung. Bandung is her home. Whereas Kunto [who seems like a sweet, shy, nerdy kind of guy] likes the money that he makes in (and only in) Jakarta.

Other than logistic issues, Ava and Kunto make a happily married couple.

The only snag is that men don’t function well without wives. Kunto got awfully lonesome after a while of living without Ava in Jakarta. As much as she loves Kunto, Ava doesn’t want to sacrifice her life in Bandung.

Besides, women don’t get lonesome without husbands because they have children and social support and a network of awesome girlfriends.(◕‿-)*hints*

Which is why Ava agreed to have a sister wife to take care of Kunto. A Kunto-manager. Because Ava didn’t want her husband to be miserable and lonely. Because she loves him that much. Because that’s how big her love is, big enough to share.

“And because polygamy gives women much needed breaks, yes?” said the Timekeeper, smiling.

Absolutely, I said, a break and freedom and self-actualization and a career too. The whole benefit package; with motherhood and marriage and -- from the sound of it – the spice in their occasional sex nights.

What more could a woman ask for?

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