The Fictional Car

I'm waiting to be picked up for a date. I’m uneasy because my date said that he’s coming in a  car.

Panoramic shot of car in forest

A car complicates everything. If it were a taxicab or a motorbike, then my assumptions would’ve been simpler. I look at passing sedans, SUVs, trucks and bajaj's and I wonder which one he's gonna  pop out from.

The moment I see his car, I’ll know how he’ll finish his salutary “Hey, honey…”

  1. …wanna watch a movie and have dinner?


  2. …roll up your pants, let's haunt for a clean gutter to skylark.

If it were fancy car, I’d wonder how he managed to legally afford it. IF it’d been his own car  at all, not his daddy's. I’d also wonder about the legality of their business. I don’t mind boys who have rich parents and aren’t abashed to show it off. I just don’t want to be deported over a scandalous date, you see?

On the other hand, if it were not an overly fancy car, and we had to roll down the windows to keep it running, I might've teased him about it, and respected him all the better. Being single in our thirties and managing to afford a car in Jakarta (no matter how beat that car is), implies that something's either really wrong or really right about him is going on.

But this is our THIRD date, so I shouldn’t worry too much about that, right?

More importantly, it’s not the type or make or price of a car, really, that makes the actual difference. It’s the owner’s personal imprints that tells all the important stories.

A car is like a traveling bedroom; plucked from either a hotel, or a home. The knickknacks and smells and layers of dust, disclose volumes of unspoken details that would’ve been too impolite or boring to tell.

Of course, there are times when it could've been both; that it was his daddy's down payment, and it’s his money that kept the car in their possession.

And those make the most interesting stories, you know? Stories about parents who've done well in raising grateful children. Stories about children who came back home and to keep their retiring folks company.

The kind of stories you’d want a car to tell, with her windows down and the morning light streaming and your sweetheart driving.

UPDATE: Added a link on the Third Date phrase, in case there's a confusion to what it means, courtesy to some of my faithful readers.


  1. THIRD DATE? OoooOOOooohhhhhh..... Something's cooking up here!

    You're right, it's the same here where I am. If you're young and you drive a kick-ass car, it means that you a. are the spoiled brat of a drug lord b. you won the lottery c. you're a kid of a government bigwig who thinks nothing of handing Fords to his kids as if they were toys.

  2. one lazy afternoon, in bed, reading a blog, checking e-mail and my cats keep jumping on the key board... mobile rings, i look at it, it's a friend of mine, but I didn't feel like talking, so i pass, it rings again, and again and again, i'm thinking to my self doesn't he take a hint >.<

    so i pick up the phone, and my friend, yells at me, why are you not picking up???? before i could say anything, he goes man i need your car... i was like what up with yours?? he goes, well, I have a date and i NEED your car.... why do you want my car, you have your own, is your car broken or something, he goes no "I wished he would lie" but i thing your car will make me look good...I said then shouldn't it be my date....he starts to beg!
    of course I said HELL NO!
    your story, gave me and insight of what going on female mind??

    yet, here "in Saudi that is" fancy car is everything, you might be broke, don't even have money to fill the tank "even with gasoline being so cheap" most girls would go with fancy car.

    I once knew such a girl, my car was at the workshop, so I took the family car...she didn't get in, she felt insult it, she didn't wana be seen in such car "as if you could see anything only eyes and hands" I guess i was lucky she did, i don't need such person in my life ^.^

    I know good guys who don't even own bike and they are just great ^.^ so what ever transportation a guy might use, it's the person that count.

    sooooo third date huh!

    have fun, be safe!


  3. Majix & Coral,I'm not sure what you're hinting about, but I guess that your third dates have been awesome, huh? (◕‿◕)

    So, Majix, you have a fancy car? *winks at Coral*

  4. lol

    WELL, i wouldn't call it fancy, not the one i'm driving right now...

    was that third date or third base???? i'm not so sure any more :p

  5. 3 is the make-or-break!! This is DEFINITELY crucial.

    So what did the car say?

    Also, guys are hot when they're driving. Does that make me a misogynist?


    But then if a guy doesn't have a car, then why should he push he issue and borrow somebody's car just to impress a date? Frankly, a walk together is more favorable to me than a drive.

    Seriously, that reminds me, my dad's planning to teach me to drive, but the time is our main problem.

  7. Diana,
    I noticed it too. What is it about guys who metamorphose into chivalrous knights once they get behind the wheel?

    And do we "change" too behind the wheel?

  8. Coralbead,
    you might remamber Saudi, walking in Saudi is not fun, some places are good for walking, but you still need a car to go there

    for us men, when we drive it is a man thing since women don't drive in Saudi. it does make it a way to impress.

    and as you said it does make men look hot driving ^.^ and that say a lot coming from a man ;)