Bored Parents

"Any event is welcome in prison, even the threat of cerebro-spinal meningitis and unpleasant needle jabs." ~ Wole Soyinka

Angels Detail After the Sistine Madonna by Raphael

Adam and Eve were miserable in heaven. They didn’t need to work or earn a living or fight over bills. They had everything they could ever imagine provided for them. They didn’t have a life purpose. THEY DIDN’T EVEN HAVE A TO-DO LIST.

I think our first parents were bored the hell out of their minds!

So bored that I don’t think Adam needed much convincing. It might have actually went like this:

“Eve, let’s invent a sport where we can kill for fun!”

“Dude, you wouldn’t even pluck a Cherub's feather!”

“That’s only because…oh forget it! Come on, let’s do something, ANYTHING! How about chasing the Wildan? Or vandalizing all the gates? Swim in the booze river? Let’s do it against the stream to make it harder!”

“Oh, go stuff yourself with a fruit! Stuff a forbidden fruit if you must, but leave me – AND MY HAIR - in peace.”



“You know something? I think I might.”

“What? Adam? Adam! NO!”

I don’t know about you, man, but having everything provided for you can be nice in the first couple of days, months and years. Wait, maybe for 2.5 years - at most. Then it gets unbelievably boring.

Seriously, boredom is a natural hunger for stimulation. Hence, hunger of any kind motivates. Inspires. Sparks. Let’s be grateful for things we DON’T have.


  1. That was philosophical of you to write this post, sis. Stability does kill us.
    So..should we thank satans and devils et all for having managed to lure Eve and Adam into picking that forbidden fruit, which I assume to be the root of our being on this chaotic planet at the very moment? ^_^

  2. i don't do a lot to do or didn't do a lot so far, but i do work and i would love to have everything provided for me.....probably then i would be bored, but first let me have it all :)

  3. Akhlis, what is a demon but your own temptation? Do we always need to blame external forces on our misery?

    Muse, I want to give you all, but would all be enough to make you happy?

  4. Hmm, point taken, BUT takes two to tango..or should I say it takes two to tangle?

  5. After all, what you call 'misery' isn't misery at all, sis. Being stranded on this planet is kind of fun, at times, though not always..:D

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