Universe, Summarized*

the universe in a shell

The universe, and everything within, is summarized in a single book,

The summary of that Book, is found on the first page, the first Surah

That surah, “Al-Fatiha”, is summarized in the Basmalah;

Which is summarized in the first word, Bismillah,

Which boils down into the first letter “ب”

Which is summarized in the dot that is beneath that letter: “ .

The universe, and everything within, is just a bunch of dots

,,, connected.

 * Mistranslated from Serat Centhini.


  1. i like how you summarize the world, until you stopped at the first dot and i sigh and though that's true. but then you go on saying "it's connected" hmmmm, that's makes me wonder if anything is realted to anything else in this world !!!

  2. Now if only the schools teach the origin of the universe this way!

  3. @MuSe Sphere,
    Aren't we, you know, connected?

    They don't? Oh yeah, the Universe in school started with: "Let there be Light" or "Kun Fayakun", yes?