"Ah, but a man's reach should exceed his grasp, -- Or what's a heaven for?" ~ Robert Browning

"Go for the moon. If you don't get it, you'll still be heading for a star." ~ Willis Reed


I don’t like setting goals. It makes me feel old. Life seems less taxing when it’s done by the ear.

That said, important milestones have (relatively flexible) timeframes. The more precious they are; the more thorough we plan. The more we value ourselves, the less we wing it around.

There’s even a template to your goal designs: Pick a goal that includes everything. Pick goals that cover all areas of your well-being. Why else would you want to spend the next ten years on them?

“Our personal well-being is dependent on equal attention to each of the seven primary areas of well-being: social, intellectual, spiritual, emotional, physical, occupational and environmental.” [Source]

The elements of well-being affect each other. If you’re emotionally okay, everything else feels bright and shiny. If you’re physically stumped, you’ll probably spend more time nursing that wound than partying through the night.

This can be a good thing. You improve things by grabbing the element easiest to work on. Spark the chain reaction. Roll the snowball.

Live consciously.

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