"The end must justify the means." ~ Matthew Prior Have you heard about him?

A boy who does not eat, sleep, make a living, socialize or blog. A boy who lives solely on meditation and worship. For months!!

Some folks are just born with it.

Isn’t it odd that the core of religious templates, emphasize on worldly detachment? Yes, eat, drink and be merry, but do not indluge. Remember that your soul will one day get an eviction note. Remember that your body, will someday be restored back to where it came from. And your soul will have to find a new place to haunt dwell.

Religious templates, as much as they advise on the maintenance of our mortal vessels, emphasize on worldly detachment. Fasting, almsgiving, pilgrimage and meditation. They remind us not to hold on too tightly.

Without really making any other promises, we can never be sure if these things we do in worship can secure a better afterlife. Judgment remains the Afterlife Keeper's ultimate right.

Perhaps, in familiarizing with detachment, improves our chances of a dignified eviction.
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