"Excuse me?"

"I was just thinking of having Anggi's drink, then I remembered that he's been sick and coughing like an old dog. He could be carrying the pandemic for all we know, which might result in both of our untimely deaths. Then again, I continued to think, what's so unnatural about dying that would stop me from teasing my brother blue?"

"You're right, that is morbid. Why are you so fond of death?"

"I’m not. I was scolding myself for my reluctance. There was a time when man lived for centuries, and he still failed to take life by its horns and make the most of it. I’m already at odds here: Anggi lives in Jeddah, and I live in Jatibarang, and we barely meet once a year. Who knows what it’s gonna look like next time we hangout? I’m just saying, enjoying my brother is something worth taking risks for."

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