What Summers are For: Photo Essay

Summer brings good company over food,

Sends the blogger to the kitchen,

To gather even more company over more food.

After that, you can either start hopping on something to make more room in your stomach for more food,

Or just pass out on any available surface until hunger strikes again.

POSTSCRIPT: My Aunt and her entire tribe are arriving in Denpasar, Bali, on July 9. My mom, Anggi, my uncle Ario and the Timekeeper are arriving on the day after that - Inshallah. That’s 13 members of the tribe in Bali - for 5 days. My head’s popping; I can’t imagine cooking for that many people. Isn’t that just awesome?


  1. it's going to be awesome, it will insha'allah!! *HUG* :oD

  2. one of the reasons i love summer vacation is because of the family gatherings; the chaos.. the laughter.. the sibling fights.. the aunts' criticism.. all are music to my ears