Unemployed by Choice

Quiet isn't it? "Money is better than poverty, if only for financial reasons.” ~ Woody Allen

I’m unemployed by choice, not because I’m an idiot to waste my talents, nor that the recession has shortage of skilled individuals. No, I’m unemployed because having job is more harmful to me than not. If a job is a treasure loot, I’m the thief who declines to steal it. 

Since I’m unemployed and have nobody to answer to, I had to be creative and self-motivated in the absence of dictated & delegated daily tasks. I had to relearn self-discipline and “getting things done”. Heck, at the beginning of this very long unemployment, I marinated in my own bodily oils for days.

The absence of external control to prove oneself worthy is both liberating and frightening.

I’ve been unemployed for more than a year, and I’ve never been as wholesomely okay – aware, secure, glowing and following the healthy routine of waking up in the morning and catching up with prayers and indulging in what I love – as I have ever been since I enrolled in kindergarten.


I’m unemployed, hence I can afford the time to listen complaints, unwind knotted shoulders and join you for a meal. It’s part of living in such an instantaneous world: the influx of shallow-140chrctr-relationships. And people could/would offer you the world if you shut up and practiced active listening.

[Okay, so there are more ingrates than not, but how big is our range of kindness? I could be the most skeptical on people’s intent, but I’ve also had my share of surprises at the extent of heroism that humans are capable of displaying.]

I’m unemployed and can summarize my worldly possessions in one backpack – including gadget chargers and spare sandals. The most expensive things I have are the very tools used for your assurance (that I have you in my mind’s eye): Laptop, camera and phone (touch, sight and sound).

Besides, how many beds can a person sleep in at night, how many meals a day, how many meaningful conversations a party?

I’m unemployed and loving it. Because being unemployed did not make me less worthy, sick, hungry or poor. Instead, it just gave me more time being sincerely present when I try to prove to you – with thoughtfulness and non-generic expressions – that I love you.

And I think you’re glad about that too, Reader.

PS: Since I’m unemployed, and the Lord is my only Master, I tend to be paranoid about His Holy Wrath. So there. 

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