Carnival of Saudi Chronicles, First Edition


Wayne Eastep

I love the articles you’ve submitted to make this carnival a party. Thank you for participating; if anything, I enjoyed your stories and gobbling up your wonders.

The carnival stirred a sense that is most rewarding on its own: the highlights awesomeness about tribal communities. The good stuff we rediscover about Saudi – in the voices of her own people (citizens & nonetheless) – can still do what the comfort food does best: Stuffing the soul with fuzzy and warm joy.

See for yourself;

Diana presents Jeddah "Ghair"est, posted at her funny-named blog The Secret Life of Bees. Knees.

Asmaa M presents the fragrant article: Rock Candy and Turkish Coffee posted at her blog Chapter One.


PS: Make sure you visit other articles from from the above bloggers. They never fail to refresh my spirits.

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