"Pay What You Want": It works, but..

Daifuku said...
"I think it would work anywhere. Most people would pay responsibly, and some perhaps would make up for others who don't."
Repeating my reply to Daifuku, and despite our inherent cynicism, I too want to believe that "Pay What You Want" as a business policy can be applied globally.

The examples from the food, consultancy, and cartomancy industries highlight the conditions in which "Pay What You Want" have worked:
  1. That it's a non-profit (non-fucking-corporate) establishment, serving those who are truly in need.
  2. That customers are aware of "Pay What You Want" as soon as they walk-in to such establishments.
  3. That the establishment maintains its commitment and transparency.
So why aren't a lot of people doing it? Why do most businesses focus on profit more than service? Wouldn't we have come back for more of that cake if the batter was really good? Why do Seth Godin's books cost Rp250.000 if that same content he's preaching have been passed on through generations, for free?

I think I've babbled enough about this subject that it's time for me to handover the thinking processes to you. I leave you with these thoughts.

Be well.
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