"Pay What You Want" for Advice


To illustrate the importance of advice:
  • Business consultancy hourly rates cost between $60 to $120.
  • Psychotherapy hourly rates come between $125 to $160.
  • Group therapy sessions in Seattle, WA, cost between $40 to $100 for each participating individual.
All in all, with the risk that it may or may not work, consultancy and psychotherapy and any form of advice coming from a genuine expert takes place between a couple of sessions to a few years of routinely visits. And just like the food industry, advice can be a lucrative commodity, and cost a fortune to acquire.

The Timekeeper

On any given day, there would be 50-100 visitors meeting the Timekeeper. Mark that: Any. Given. Day. And all he does is just pray over your waters and sometimes holler at you if you're being unreasonable. .

Whatever it is that the Timekeeper does, the public is grateful and expresses that gratefulness generously, if not anonymously: Through an out of view drop-in box .

For how much?

Nobody knows how much the public has been put in that box. Nobody asks.

But whatever the money that box have been collecting, it was enough to construct a Rp8 Billion (U$D1.5 million) mosque, not counting donations in the form of construction materials, such as marble, stained glass, paint and cleared land.

For a guy who is based in rural Java and rarely ever picks up the phone, that's NOT BAD for a non-profit business revenue.

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