The Islamic Belief in Palmistry


"The thing with palm reading is that, it can distort your image of the future." ~ Dee Nord

It's not a simple response that built up in my head after reading Dee's comment. Divination, whether palmistry, tarot cards, cup reading, does not predict the future. It only draws conclusions from the present signs.

For example: The nail on my right thumb is shorter than the other. Looking at my thumbs, you might assume that I'm either a masseuse or a frantic BlackBerryist; because pressing with my right thumb a lot made it assymetrically nubby.

On the other hand (pun intended), take my mother's hands: The skin is soft and supple, indicating that she does care after her elaborate beauty routines. Yet, the lines are simple and deep. You won't find intricate webs in her palms, because they've been eroded by the vegetables and dishwash detergents she's been holding in the past 45 years or so.

If you've guessed that my mother had always been a housekeeper, and that her future worries are going to be around her children and home, you're already a Novice Palm Reader.

Compare both my mother's hands and mine with the hands of a lady with 12 servants (I'm stereotyping, sorry). Her nails are exquisitely manicured, the knuckles are soft, the lines are shallow and the shape of her hand is elongated with feminine smoothness. If all goes normal, I can't imagine a person with hands like those scrubbing the back of a toilet seat anytime in the near future, can you?

Take the hands of a carpenter, a clerk, a writer, or a surgeon. Our personal histories are drawn in and by our hands. The callouses on our feet. The stoop of our backs. We are what we do, think and want, and our bodies give us away.

Palmistry is easy because our hands are the immediate agents of our intentions and thoughts. They reflect our secrets and dreams, our past and what will become of the present. The more prominent the lines in our hands, is the more likely you shall actualize in that direction.

Now you know why Leonardo DiCaprio was so fascinated with the prostitute's hands on the Titanic, right?

The Lord said that there shall be a day when our tongues, hands, and feet will testify to what we had done (HQ 24:24), bearing witness to our days and deeds and dimes. I say, we don't need to wait so long.

They already do.
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