Cultural Cliché


Westerners, who are called employees in their own countries, are called expatriates in Indonesia.

Arabs, who are masters in their own countries, remain masters in Indonesia.

Indonesian who are employees in Indonesia -- elsewhere, are called slaves.
Here's another funny thought.

Two American journalists got in trouble in North Korea. Who do you think will express concern? Their families, their Secretary of State, their President and the rest of the world knows about this because there's a nuclear bomb doing a headstand with no hands somewhere in the background.

The journalists in question don't even need to LOOK American.

On the other hand, 2.7 million documented Indonesian migrant workers working overseas, while the number of undocumented workers could be four times that (source), the story about one of them getting burned or boiled alive is so common that it is tired.

Nobody gives much a damn anyways.

Oh yes, following the mainstream media will definitely get you stuck with stereotypes.
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