"This is garbage, GARBAGE!"
"Well, coming from trash, that's good praise indeed." - @Diana_blogger

Come with us, she said, come with us to Lake Toba. The scenery's breathtaking.
Man, if you have to go all the way to Lake Toba just to see some 'pretty', I said, I can't tell you how much you're missing in your life.

Do you want to improve your life?
Do you want to improve your rate of productivity, in bed or otherwise?

Who cares!

There's an Arabic proverb that says something like,
"Man is wealthiest when he realizes that he owns nothing, smartest when he admits that he knows nothing, most productive when he realizes that he's done nothing."

It's strange that in a culture as cocky as the Arabic, humility is just as important as in Buddhism and Christianity.

I'm insipid. Aloofness has made me so.

No, I can't bothered with my laid back life, I like it the way it is. I don't dream of making fame or more money or filling up a harem with playboy bunnies.

No, Saudi Arabia, as long that I'm not living there, can't bother me. And, neither can Indonesian issues, because as long that my mother – bless her soul – isn't disowning me and my sponsorship, I got nothing to do with the rest of Indonesia.

No, religious issues are perfectly a-okay, ever since I gave up on Wahhabism, everything seemed to fall in its proper places. And no, the Lord isn't Wahhabi. And yes, the religion I'm following is tolerant and nice.

Yes, my social behavior has been very "behaved", especially since I stopped drinking and smoking barely-legal substances and kept my legs tight together and limited my social interactions to the ones I have with the Timekeeper and my laptop.

Yes, I am so done-that-been-there-so-what; I've been a good, happy, peaceful girl.

And it has been as beautifully boring as Lake Toba.

Photo by Ron Koeberer

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