The Carnival of Saudi Chronicles


What is a Blog Carnival?

"Carnival posts are generally collated by the author by soliciting relevant contributions from interested people. The author collects links to these submissions, edits and annotates them and publishes the resulting round-up to his or her blog." ~ Wikipedia

In short: If you could show off just one article from your blog, which one would it be?

What The Carnival of Saudi Chronicles is About.

Off the tabloid coverage and resentful stories affiliated to Saudi culture, this carnival is meant to showcase stories written in English about the good stuff that happen to the people living in Saudi.

Need Examples?

Take Marahm's memories about living and working in Riyadh. Or American Bedu's articles on Saudi food! Or my article on Jeddah's Social scene. Your blog is a chest of stories and ideas. This is your chance to polish and show off the best of them all over again.

The How.                                        

I'll be receiving your submissions throughout the month of June. You can submit your posts through this submission form here. The only conditions that apply:

1.       Positivity and focus on the good stuff about Saudi Arabia.

2.       Readability, and other rules of good blog writing.

3.     If your article is a criticism, make sure it includes recommendations on how to solve that problem. On the other hand, don't sugar-coat it either. Just keep it real and sincere.

4.       One article entry per blog, for each category.

5.       Spread the Word. Grab the Carnival widget and flaunt it on your blog. Or write up a quick post/tweet on this carnival. I want this to cover as many blogs and stories as possible, wouldn't you?

On Wednesday July 1st, 2009, I'll host your article links and my feedback on a separate post here; so make sure you got me on your RSS readers updated, okay?

Back to you now. Start digging & polishing and let the Carnival of Saudi Chronicles begin!

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