What the Elders Pray For

Photo credit, clockwise: Ian Cumming, Reza Webistan, David Sanger, P. Langworth.

"Aren't you ever afraid of dying?" I wept.
His feet, in my hands and anointed with oil; were black and blue from nightly vigils.

[Prayer takes a universal cost, whatever religion or place you may come from. The most sincere come from the elders; the most draining for the sake of the most ungrateful and unaware.]

If I were afraid, he said, I'd spend my life in fear and die. If I weren't, I'd be more relaxed, but the end result still won't change. Makes no difference.

But your feet…why bother doing this to yourself?

Because it's a nice thing to do. And the world lacks none of them.


No, young folks who are willing to massage their elder's feet.
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