5 Social Indicators (and Your Blog's)


Isn't it just nice that every time you wonder, a compass would give you the exact and correct answer that you need?

It's not so easy with social interaction, isn't it? Human psyche, as complicated enough as it is on individual level, gets even more confusing as couples, group or a society. 

Bloggingly speaking, if living with people isn't hard enough, imagine having to put your mind's child, your craft and creative work in their views to assess. 

On one hand, you NEED to put your work out there because you need the feedback or sense of closure or whatever else that keeps you doing it; without those, you're stuck in your own world. 

While on the other hand, the way others would react can be discouraging, the amount of self-doubt can be paralyzing, and - even when everything is fine and peachy - you wonder if you should repeat the process all over again just because the muse has arrived.

Social Directions
I have this list looked up every time I am doubtful about complex social behaviorS. It works for me because;
  • It creates a distance between me and the subject of consideration or stimulant; which makes it easier for me to resurface and float,
  • It keeps me hopeful and consistent,
  • Shortens the duration of decision making processes (a huge thing for people with ADD like me).
See what works for you.

1. Your Reactions Indicates Your Positions
How you react to the world a provides good indicators to your place in it as an individual; whether geographically, mentally, habitually, etc.

Take fashion and eating habits for example. The dress code in Saudi is different from Haiti. The mealtimes are different from those who observe Easter and Ramadhan. My mother's reaction to the discover of my father's affair was an epitome of gracefulness: She threw him out, and never confronted the other woman who was "beneath her".

Bloggingly Speaking:
A blogger who reacts ungracefully to silly comments is just as silly as the commenter. As a rule, trolls aren't worth the times or respect to be valued in a blog, unless the blogger is at that same level of mentality.

2. The Way Others React Reflects on Yourself.
A quality mirror reflects well. The world is just a mirror. The kind of people you hangout with, the books/blogs you read, the TV shows you watch, the arguments you engage in, are all mirrors. 

How you see the world reflects on how you see yourself. What kind of relationship you have with that, will give you a sign on where you're heading with your own life.

Bloggingly Speaking:
If a post sits there gathering cobwebs in its comment box, it could be because it's too self-centered, or is aimed at the wrong audience. Ain't a nice feeling, really. A silent comment box disrupts the balance: The writer can either step up and learn something, or just keep gathering cobwebs.

On the other hand, a healthy comment box indicates a healthy post; because that is how much we can relate with the subject written. By the way, Troll comments don't count.

On Mirrors:
  • The bigger the mirror, the less focus you'll have.

  • Clarity in reflections can be indicated in the intensity of emotions with objects of reflection: Your family, your taste in lovers, your choice of friends, your bucket of enemies.

  • Your enemies are actually your best critics. So treat them right.
3. The Quality of Your Work Defines Your Results
What you cook will tell you about the food you will eat, about the kind of body you'll walk with when you get old. Similarly, if you work on based on hate, then you'll be a hateful person, with a lot of hateful people around you. Whatever you socially practice most in life, is going to tell you whom you're going to be surrounded by as you die.

So, be careful with what you spend your time repeating. Habits are not to be taken for granted. Careful with what you say/think/feel about your work, about your world, about the people you hate/love; because every bit of those, is going to help in the shaping of your destiny.

Didn't you know? You can move entire mountains simply by moving pebbles.

Bloggingly Speaking:
I'm reluctant about this blog: I don't want to be stuck talking about sexuality, nor do I want to splurge on spirituality; because both are too intimate an experience for every individual. Then I discovered that my reluctance eased if I put my heart into each and every one of these posts.

Maybe hat's why posting everyday didn't work with me.

4. What You Have Equals The Amount of What You Give.
If you are insecure of your possessions, it will show in how little you give/share with others. If you are insecure about your relationships, you probably don't much of a bargaining power in it. If you are insecure about you position in a group, you probably talk the most and the loudest. Get the idea?

Bloggingly Speaking:
The plus points to blogging are so obvious that it's saturated.

I'm a selfish blogger, I know. I'll keep writing, whether or not you're reading. I just can't live without the creative process that has kept my bipolarity and ADD in control, and my development in check. As long that I am blessed with the freedom to keep working like this, I'm taking it for awful granted.

5. The Only Perfection is in Nothingness
Imagine you life is a notebook where every page represents a day in your life. How full you're going to fill a page, is up to you. What kind of book do you want to look back to?

Bloggingly Speaking:
The "Publish" button is not the point of balance. It's actually that empty sheet of paper, that page after the "create" button. We disrupt the balance with our writings, and regain it again as soon as the minute turns into an hour.

Which direction does your compass point?
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