Why I Don't Live in Saudi


Is this right, living here with you and loving it?

Is there anywhere else you prefer to be?

Isn't there any other place I'm supposed to be? Kids my age are busy doing other things, like climbing a career ladders or making money or just getting married and stuff...

Like the kids in Saudi? Your mother would've loved you moving back there.

Yes, sir, she would.

Hmm...Saudi is such a small place compared to this village.


The buildings there are bigger and prettier compared to the ones we have here. But it's still such a "small place". You might busy yourself with your job, and shopping and friends, but it's still such a small community and selection of things to do.

Whereas here…

You don't have a lot of things or conveniences, you don't validate your existence by being proactive...but you have the world. You have the entire world to respond to.

And it's enough?

Don't you think you have more than enough?

I just don't feel that I deserve it so soon.

"The world is full of people looking for spectacular happiness while they snub contentment."

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