Why You Shouldn't Post Everyday if You Don't Have a Creative Team

Akad Pahing, 18 Mulud
Image: A. Hyman

So after all the troubles that I had to go through, was is worth a 10-day experiment to write-and-post everyday?

I'm a skeptic: Mostly No.

Blog posting everyday when your niche is your tiny palm-size of a world is ridiculous. Nobody should be allowed to talk about themselves so much. Ever. You wouldn't have so much to talk about in a day, everyday, if you were Michelle Obama. And even that is against protocol. Even Oprah had a creative dream team who wrote the lines for her on pieces of cardboard.

Fact is, this is not just a self-filling blog that we're maintaining here. This is a thought journal, something that is served after much shaking and stirring to your venerable audience's pleasure. When talking only requires half of the feminine ability to quickly fill up spaces with gobbledygook, writing shuts that self-entertaining and intellectual mastubatory process in thunderous, thoughtful pauses.

Writing is a two-way tricky craft, you see? You have to shut up and think. Reflect. Solve a world problem or two. Try to get over a terrible hoodoo fever and then some. You have to let it marinade a bit to let it – how my lovely friend Lamya woulda called it – sizzle. Then get back on that engine you trust so well.

And then still get kicks out of finding out just how enjoyable it is to kick the engine against a rainy afternoon background.

So, we're good?

I miss riding my bike in the rain.
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