Day 09: Can't Write

Senèn Legi, 12 Mulud

  • It's Prophet Mohammed's birthday today.

  • In Indonesia, it's a national holiday.

  • In Java, it's like Jesus' Ascension Day: the celebrations begin right from the start of the birth month, hence they call this month Mulud ('Birth' in Arabic).

  • In Saudi, the fact that his death coincided with his birthday, that made it offensive to remember him on his birthday.

  • We're supposed to remember him everyday, you know?

  • Maybe that's why Saudis and urban Muslims take his Prophecy for granted, dead or alive.

Remember when they said that March's Theme is giving (up)?
Today was one of those days I almost used the parentheses.

I've been feverishly sick since Friday.
But I managed to post and write anyways. I've had my plans, right? Sickness is something manageable, something you can paracetamol-your-way-through.
I'm better now, thanks for worrying, but writing today turned out harder than the past couple of days.

My Big Daddy's sick. Picking it up from me, for taking care of me during the weekend.

This totally tripped my balance.
I can't write to you today, love. My closest kin needs physical presence and looking after. I know I can get him out of the woods just by being with him (stuffing him with paracetamol).

Hope you understand.
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