Day 08: When You're Done Being Mad, Believe Again

Akad Kliwon, 11 Mulud

Coming from a monotheist religion hosted in a country that promotes damnation and hell with every other scripture, is one of the greatest ways of saying "fuck this".

I found a Saudi Deist, and I want to tell him "Dude, don't stop there, go all the way." Sure man, don't believe if believing is only going to tweak your disappointments and make you bitterer.

I totally feel for him.

Saudi Arabia is a great place to promote Atheism/Disbelief. You see folks living and working right around the holy mosques pickpocketing and beating up their wives and going against (even) the most basic scriptures to the religion they claim to follow. Cognitive incongruence is the word for it, folks.

Really, if the world and the news is all your only frame for faith and conscience and lifestyle, not having a God or a religion is probably easier to maintain your sanity.

For a while at least. At least until you're tired, sick or lonely. At least until you are nearly dead and you wonder about im/mortality: "Have I been good?"

You see, when all doors and windows are closed, the only direction left for you to look to is either up or down. The older you are, the more suffering you have been through, the less likely you'll want to live without the cohesive effect that only faith can give to all the crazy stuff that life is about.

But you have to be "old" to get there. You have to be done with all the arguments, unveil your arrogance so you can let some light in.

So wait it up.
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