Day 07: Disbelieve

Setu Wagé, 10 Mulud

I know you're busy, and you shouldn't be online because it's the weekend wherever you are. So I'll make this short. I just want you to renounce religion and God.

Don't believe. In anything.

If you haven't noticed, Ancient belief systems are impractical, irrelevant and often ridiculous for everyday conduct and to common sense. The world is becoming too crowded for rigid intolerance.

How can philosophy and religion still be relevant if you can barely manage to find means to eat? How relevant is Heaven and Hell if you're miserable with your life today?

How can you be Catholic and love a bunch of superstitious Javanese relatives?
How can you work and not believe in Money?
How can you be a good Jewish if you only wave back at Muslims who are threatening your tax-paying citizens?
You could be Hindu, but your neighbors want to grill cows on the weekends.
You might be a pious Shiite, but you fall for a Sunni, and you lose that sense of equilibrium: Is what I'm doing really correct?

What are your other options?

A: What if we just merge, try to get along, work together, and not believe in anything?

Unless you don't have a television or internet connection. Unless you are Amish, or Bedoine, or a monk. I suggest you not to believe in anything. Because whatever you are going to believe in, someday somebody will point to you how wrong and silly you beliefs have been. And then you're gonna have to argue about why you think you're right, so that your belief systems don't get disrupted. Or your religion doesn't get insulted.

It's a long spiritual journey to start from scratch, which you shouldn't; for others have been there and done all the arguments, and all you need to do is refer to them. Or Google your way to clarity.

B: What if you just need something and anything to believe in?
Don't go there, unless you are willing to let go of boundaries, and accept that ALL religions and belief systems are correct.

Say: The Christians are correct, the Muslims, the Jews, the Psychics, the Psychiatrists, the Profiteers, the Thieves, the Politicians, the Fascists and Communists and Gamblers, the Saints and Sinners. They all come from a valid standpoint. They all believed that everything they lived for were as correct as their conscience could agree with them.

C: If anything, go back to your path with this:
One day Hell will be empty because Heaven is where eventually all of us are going to end up. It's just a bunch of unpaid debts that will stall your Heavenly Arrival, and you know what? The Angels and Apostles and Saints will wait until we're all there, before bothering to close the 8 gates of Heaven.

When you're done nodding to this piece, either you come up with something that is larger than life; something that binds us together.

Or, depending on how much information you can process in a life time, a cramped neck.

So, how have you been classifying your heart?

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