Day 06: International Women's Day (2 days from now)

Jumuwah Pon, 9 Mulud
So I wouldn't have known about this event had I not worked for gender-equality-minded office in Aceh a year ago. A colleague made a very fancy interview video out of it, where people fell for my wit and good looks.

Don't know if anything I said was worth a dime.

Anyway, it's the women's day again in a couple of day, and on the occasion, I got me a message from reminding me of the event. In case you haven't made a blogging plan for the rest of the month. In case you haven't already gathered wordy gunk and research material on the subject, mostly from IWD's main site. In case you haven't known what to write about on March 8th.

So there.

This year's theme is "Women and men united to end violence against women and girls".
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